Brandy Update #46: The Rumors Swirling!

What about the Ray J collabo? Is Brandy done promoting Human? Is she going  back in the studio? Will there be a 3rd single? What about the tour plans?

There is a great cloud of uncertainty surrounding what 2009 has to hold for Brandy. I have no REAL Brandy contacts so I am not going to create anything! I am just going use a bit of common sense and the industry knowlege that I do have to make a few observations. Hope you will be satisfied!

1. Third Single: I think that there is ALWAYS the possibility of a third single if the second single does well. The second single is just getting off the ground and doing well! It has not yet peaked and has not yet been released to pop. Word on the street is that February 10th is the day that Epic will lobby to get the joint on Pop stations. I think this is a good move. The video spent some time at #1 on 106… Urban and rythmic are feeling it, etc. The talk abut single #3 is premature. The success of Single #2 can’t just be chart placement. This single also has to move albums! The good news is that it is believed that the pop edition of Long Distance will be released. Its not bad and definitely MORE pop than the origional version, we just have to wait and see.

2. The Tour: The problem with a tour for Brandy is that she will have difficulty promoting it without a single on the radio. The label knows that! They know its now or never… The problem with “now” is that she has got to sell seats. If a tour is poppin off.. they will have to either drop single #3 or get her on with a big name. Problem with getting her on with a big name is that she may have to open for someone else just to get back in the public eye musically. If the label is methodical, they will Milk Long Distance for as long as they can and release #3 to radio around Juneish in order to get a nice summer tour crackin… but its all dependent on LD in my opinion.

3. Is Brandy in the studio again? Of course she is. Artist like Brandy are ALWAYS in the studio. Not really a big deal… Brandy going to the studio is like you going to work. Ist what you do! Its your livlihood.

4. Is Brandy done promoting the album? No, She has already booked two gigs for February. I assume that she will be back on 106 really soon. Seems like they are trying to stretch things a bit. The kyte thing is wierd to me! I think she should just do Youtube. Its a much better vehicle for promoting yourself. I am not sure how I feel about this but they have added contact information for her promoters, ect… which is a sign to me that things are hard! I have never seen that! They could just be trying to maximize opportunity!

5. Whats up with “Quickly?” I have not heard a thing! There has been rumors of a video shoot twice. There is SOOOO mucvh buzz about the song… it hels that he is on tour singing it with a background singing who apparently doesn’t sound as good as B from what I hear. I think the idea was to get the video recorded beofre he went on tour but things didn’t add up. I have got to assume that the buzz will lead them back to negotiations but I wouldn’t be surprized if they didn’t. John has a couple other collabos on his labum that would help him out some… like the Kanye track.

10 Responses to “Brandy Update #46: The Rumors Swirling!”
  1. Brise says:

    ok, here’s what i think . . .
    i think that if Brandy’s gonna to on tour at all anytime soon she she tour opening up for singer/songwriter Chrisette Michele. now don’t get me wrong, i love Brandy, and i’d go see her if she’s was touring all by herself. but to be real, Brandy’s buzz in the industry right not is not as hype as it should be. If she toured i’m not sure too many people would come (i’d be a house full of Brandy stans like us – which is cool, but we can’t fill up shows all by ourselves). Chrisette is releasing her second record on March 31 and already people are begging for her to come to their city. Chrisette gets MADD love on the road and most of her shows are sold out. (i’ve seen her in concert and she is just too amazing . . .) so, if Bran could sing on tour with Chrisette i think she’d get a lotta ears AND i’m sure a lot more ‘Human’ would be sold. But that’s just my suggestion about that.

    I think that ‘quickly’ should be released immediately. the record is a smash! i hope it’s true that a video was filmed. i have no doubt that that record will fly to the top of the billboard charts.

    And maybe her promoters and managers and whonot should consider doing what Brany wishes to do . . . she wants to work with Sade, Beyonce, … rap. Her team and Epic should really make that happen. Bran is a legend. everybody is inspired by her [other famous musicians]. and everybody wants her to do well. So let’s get it poppin’. Bran can work with anyone she wants to; Keyshia Cole, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Day 26, Brutha, Chris Brown, Kanye, Jay Z (especially jay z. they been down for ever), and Tyrese too.

    Anyway, it’s just frustating that not as many people are paying attention to Brandy as i would like. She just so amazing. I wish her record sales could show that. . .

    • Dominique says:

      I think brandy is also trying to be careful not to have folks thinking she is using other artist to revive her career! Brandy isn’t like Ashanti and other untalented artists.. she doesn’t need the autotuned singer or the freshest rapper on the track! People just have to readjust and get to know her!

  2. Trell says:

    I agree. But in my opinion Right Here and Long Distance would not have been my choice of releases from the album. If you check a lot of polls the 3 favorite songs from the album was “Piano Man” “Fall” and “Camouflage”. I would release the singles in the exact order. “Right Here” was a good song, but I don’t think everybody relates to it. My 15 year old niece didnt even understand the lyrics at first. Brandy is still a force, but the last 3 albums, Atlantic and now Epic releases the wrong singles. She would of been better off joining only Knockout with our brother. At least they would of made their own decisions on what should be released.

    • Dominique says:

      RH(d) was a political move… She still has that car accident looming over her head.. it would be a bit insenstive to come out with a club track, I think. Knockout doesn’t have the business pull foir someone like Brandy. If Epic can’t lang brandy good contracts and attention, Knockout can’t either. You see what Knockout did for Ray J’s last record!

  3. CANDY says:


  4. CANDY says:


  5. Brise says:

    i agree with you Trell! however, i think she should have released ‘Warm it Up (with love)’, ‘Camouflage’, and ‘Piano Man’ in that specific order 🙂 your right, everybody that listens to all that rump-shakin’ gang-bangin’ club-grindin’ music on the radio CAN’T relate to a positive song like RHD. it’s an awesome track but it wasn’t the best choice for an actual single. even though i understand that she wanted to get that message out to the world . . . after all she’s been through . . . she ain’t wanna just come right out and talk about love and relationships.

    • Dominique says:

      I think RHD was the right single… I am not sure about Long Distance though. I think the goal with LD was to attract the urban/rythmic community! Only time will tell!

  6. byrenda says:

    Brandy opening up for chrisette michele yeah right. she’s not a superstar for brandy to be opening up for. brandy’s worse sales are better than chrisete michele’s but anyway brandy’s music is perfect no matter what single she releases. now if sales are a priority than she needs to cater to the people who are buying the music. she needs to find a way to incorporate her own style and vision with whats selling today. i think that she should stay true to herself and make music that her heart feels. she’s a damn multimillionaire, she was the number one chick in the game at one point, she’s had a hit tv, show, movies, she’s sold millions of albums and singles. she’s not starving and does not need to change who she is for the sake of album sales. if promotion was better she would have done a little better. during the couple months before her album was to be released if you went to epic’s sight you would see that they were promoting the fray real heavy and their album isnt due out until february but thats whose song you heard before you got to enter their website. brandy was not a priority for epic

  7. Kcity says:

    I totally agree with Trell, “Right Here” pratically put Brandy at a disadvantage and the luke warm attempt with the big balland “Long Distance” didn’t help to turn anything around. What’s needed is a single that has some grit to it, that would wake people up. “Piano man” will not save the day – it’s simply long Distance part 2, althought it’s a little more dramatic. It would have worked if it came first! The only song which clearly deserves attention at this point and is the secret weapon to whip out to turn it all around is “1st and love”. Everything is on the line , so we need to wake people up before great follow ups, like the brillant”camouflague” and impressive “fall” don’t go unnoticed.

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