Brandy’s Promotion Problems: Is it Just me?

Is it just me or does B-Rocka has some promotional issues? Seems like her Promotional team never get it right after that second single… Brandy’s albums have so much potential but they die! Who is making the decsions! I made a video to fully articulate my thoughts!

One Response to “Brandy’s Promotion Problems: Is it Just me?”
  1. Shawn Supermodel Porcelain Doll says:

    I am sooo sick of people not giving Brandy her life, the life that she deserves, I been sick of Epic Records. Brandy is a legend! Brandy is the best Female singer that’s out there. She makes great music that’s inspirational and meaningful. She don’t make this bubblegum music that’s out right now, or shall I say trash. I want to see more of her singing in concerts, and I also want to see her in high fashion magazines, she has the face, body, and height, very beautifully unique. I am tired of people keep putting these ugly pictures of her up on these blog sites because that is not how she look, just check out The Tyra Show when she recently performed, she looked just like a Porcelain Doll. I just want to meet all these negative people that has something to say about her, they probably look ugly and fierce (the bad one-I hate when people use that word, only if they knew the real meaning)I want to meet them so I can light their fire. I am sooooo over this generation of music because they don’t appreciate real music, they love to listen to trash. Brandy, love you and always will. Muah!

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