Brandy Update #45 – Valentines Day Concert & Other News!

Since I last updated, Brandy has graced the #1 spot on 106 & Park for 5 days and fell to #3 yesterday! GREAT! I also acknowlege that everybody and their mom is in search of the National Antherm performance at the Detroit game last week! he NBA has not yet released the tape and its not one of those things you can get from Youtube.. well atleast not yet! The problem is that EPIC doesn’t let the fans know when and where Brandy is going to be so we miss these things! I am not tripping though.. as long as she is getting work!

Speaking of getting work, I am spending Valentine’s Day with Brandy. Thats right! She is doing a concert in Reno, NV on February 14, 2009 at the Grand Sierra Resort. I am SOOOO excited. Tickets for front row were $60 when I checked yesterday! CLICK HEREFORMORE INFORMATION! Who else is going?

In the news this week… Brandy is getting media attention for denouncing scientology and being unhappy with her tattoos. She says she was never a scientologist and doesn’t feel those tatts she has will be cute when she is 80! I agree! No more Tatts B!


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