Brandy to Perform @ Ohio University

…at Ohio University in 2 weeks?  found this out randomely on a blog from  aguy complaining about how Brandy and John Legend are sleeping on their own hit…”Quickly.” I e-mailed the guy to see when she was going to be there! Here is the link to his blog…

Here is what he wrote:

John Legend and Brandy Are Sleeping On Their Own Hit
Neither John Legend, nor Brandy is burning up the charts lately. Legend’s Evolver has yet to move even a half million units since its October release, and Brandy can’t even sellout college campus venues (no, really…she’s coming to my school in 2 weeks, and the excitement level is at about ZERO). That being said, I enjoy both artists, and for some reason I think that entitles me to give each a bit of career advice.

Both artists need a hit, desperately, so why not kill (or save?) two birds with one stone and release an already-in-the-can duet?

“Quickly,” one of the few standout tracks on Evolver, happens to be a duet with B-Rocka, and there’s a decent chance the song could do both artists some good. For Legend, it’s the best transition into disposable R&B that he seems to be capable of; as “Greenlight,” while far from a terrible song, was just a bit uncomfortable for both artist and audience. Brandy on the other hand has gone a little too adult-contemporary for her audience, and could use a fresh (read: shallow) look fairly soon.

While “Quickly” probably wouldn’t save either artists’ albums at this point, it could give each the radio hit they haven’t had in years. Seriously, Brandy hasn’t seen the upper regions of the Billboard 100 in nearly a decade, and John’s losing relevancy with each successive album.

But don’t just take my word for it…(I’m on a mean PBS kick)


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