Brandy Update #44

I love Brandy fans! Brandy will never die as long as she has devoted fans wjho make it happen! Yes, we have Brandy in that #3 spot on 106 & Park! I LOVE it! Keep voting! Keep voting! CLICK HERE TO VOTE!  I like it! Long Distance is not doing too bad on radio either…

Here is yesterday’s:

Pop: 3 spins ( Same )
Alternative: 1 spin ( Same )
Rhythmic: 143 spins (-4)
Urban: 903 spins (+24)
Urban AC: 534 spins (-1)
BET: 3 spins (+1)
Spins: 1587 spins (+20)
Total spins: 10425 spins (+233)
Audience: 7.782 million (-0.096)
Total audience to date: 68.657 million (+1.635)


Here is Monday’s

Pop: 3 spins (Same)
Alternative: 1 spin ( same)
Rhythmic: 147 spins (-8)
Urban: 879 spins (+36)
Urban AC: 535 spins (+26)
BET: 2 spins (-1)
Spins: 1567 spins (+34)
Total spins: 10192 spins (+250)
Audience: 7.878 million (+0.210)

She is still climbing the charts in France with this week’s #8 song on their equivilent of the Billboard Hot 100! Go Brandy! World tour? Also, album releases have been planened for ;

New Zeland: January 19th 
Japan : February 18th
Germany: March 20th

Long Distance got 3 radio adds this week… 2 to Urban radio and one to Urban Adult Contemporary.  Word on the street is that Long Distance is going to Pop radio on January 24th! HUGE y’all! HUGE! More info to come on that!

In addition to the Billboard review.. reviewed the album… check it out!

Release Date: no month , Dec.
Producer(s): various
Label/Catalog Number: Koch/Epic

Brandy’s been through her share of drama the last few years (a car accident that left another driver dead and a recent confession that she lied about marrying the father of her 5-year-old daughter), so it comes as no surprise that her fifth studio album reflects on life’s joys and pitfalls. She’s reteamed with songwriter/producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, who executive-produced the album as well as the first two singles, the heartfelt “Departed” and the ballad “Long Distance.” Other standout tracks include “A Capella,” with its minimalist production; the hand-clap-laden “1st and Love”; and “True,” about an unfaithful boyfriend, on which Brandy takes her vocal range to untapped heights. While “Human” is missing the sassy Brandy we know and love from such tracks like “I Wanna Be Down” and “Talk About Our Love,” we can still appreciate the much-needed solace of setting personal turmoil to memorable music. —Mariel Concepcion  (Link)


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