Long Distance and Right Here (Departed) Updates

Hey everybody! I have been neglecting the regulars! I am sorry!! Anywho… there is good news and bad news! Lest start with the bad news… Right Here has officially “Departed.” Radio stations are falling off slowly! Pop and Adult Contemporary are the places you are likely to hear the song and Hot Adult contemporary has been keeping the song alive! VH1 is REALLY playing the video! Its getting 3-5 spins per day which is great. I guess its their turn now! BET is not playing it all which makes sense because they have a new Brandy video to play!

It appears Long Distance is trying to decide whether it fits in on radio and TV! last week it was in and out of the 106 & Park countdown but has since reobounded and peaked at #5! Starz are voting!!! Awesome! I want a #1 record! The last two days in radio spins have bee decent…. Sunda was great!


Pop: 3 spins (=)
Alternative: 1 spin (=)
Rhythmic: 147 spins (-8)
Urban: 879 spins (+36)
Urban AC: 535 spins (+26)
BET: 2 spins (-1)

Spins: 1567 spins (+34)
Total spins: 10192 spins (+250)

Audience: 7.878 million (+0.210)
Total audience to date: 67.022 million (+1.659)



Pop: 3 spins (=)
Alternative: 1 spin (+1)
Rhythmic: 155 spins (+5)
Urban: 863 spins (+13)
Urban AC: 509 spins (+9)
BET: 3 spins (+1)

Spins: 1533 spins (+27)
Total spins: 9942 spins (+217)

Audience: 7.668 million (+0.100)
Total audience to date: 65.363 million (+1.407)

One Response to “Long Distance and Right Here (Departed) Updates”
  1. Michael says:

    Long Distance reach an all time high today it’s at number 3 on 106 and park! also can you please make a list of radio stations where we can request her songs? I’ll request and spread the word!

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