Brandy’s Sister2Sister Interview

Did you buy the magazine? No? well, here is the interview! Whoever typed this up is a G!!! (Link)

Jamie: Brandy-Andy!
Brandy: Hi, Jamie!

Jamie: Hi, baby! How’s the little baby? You’re still a baby.
Brandy: I know; I’m going to always be your baby.

Jamie: How are you doing? Are you excited?
Brandy: I’m very excited. I’m blessed to be able to do what I love to do again.

Jamie: I know, honey. First of all, how’s Daddy? Because I called Mama last night; she told me he wasn’t doing well, he had been in the hospital�
Brandy: Yeah. He’s doing great. He just wanted to check and see if everything was okay because he was having some pains in his chest. I went to see him; took pictures with him.

Jamie: Good. Did you sing to him?
Brandy: I think I did because we were watching one of his groups perform on a Christmas special last year and I was singing the song afterward. And he was smiling.

Jamie: But listen, you! The last time we talked you said you learned so much over the last three years. We even talked about how you would like to have a talk show. What are some of the things you’d like to share with us? I know we can’t ask about the accident.
Brandy: I can talk about how I’ve grown from different situations in my life without necessarily going into full detail about the things that have happened. I’ve just learned that God is very real and that life is to be appreciated. Sometimes when you think everything is coming so fast at you, you forget to be grateful for the things that come your way. I just learned to appreciate every moment of my life—if it’s just the sunshine, or I get to wake up to my daughter, or whatever that is that you take for granted.

Jamie: What do you mean when you say “God is very real”? Did you become more spiritual? Did you pray more? What happened? Did you go to church a lot before?
Brandy: Yes, I did. I used to sing in all of my dad’s choirs; that was where I discovered the fact that I can sing. But when you go through certain things in your life, you begin to understand that God is very real. It’s not just something you believe in, it’s really something that you have to trust and have faith in. When you’re down and out, that’s when you tend to find your faith.

Jamie: Did you ever feel like you were down and out? There were so many things that piled up on you at one time. And I know the press can elevate you, but it can try to kill you too. Day to day, what would you do? You would look at the baby, you would be glad that you had that beautiful child in your life?
Brandy: Absolutely. She’s an angel. She is definitely the reason why I smile. She’s just such an interesting little girl, and I like her as a person. She is definitely a gift in my life. As far as when I would go through my periods, I would feel like I’m lost; I don’t know if I’m coming or I’m going, those times I really had to turn to my family and my friends and feel uplifted in that way. And I wrote about a lot of things that I felt and lot of things that I thought just to kind of release and not hold those things inside. I just felt like writing about it was a way for me to get my feelings out, and I did that a lot.

Jamie: Did you go out a lot?
Brandy: I didn’t go out a lot for a long time. I didn’t go out at all.

Jamie: Did you stay with Mommy?
Brandy: Yes. I kept in touch with my family and my friends. So many great people came into my life around that time. I was able to be around people I felt were not judging me, or looking at me in any weird way. It was just people around that cared and loved me. I kept that type of energy around me to feel okay with what I was going through.

Jamie: When you say a lot of great people came around you at that time, these were people that you knew, or people that came and said, “Brandy, I’m here for you”?
Brandy: People that I met in the industry a long time ago, they came back into my life. People I didn’t know I was going to be close to. For instance, Keisha Spivey from Total.

Jamie: Omar Epps’s wife. Yes, yes!
Brandy: She and I are like best friends. Like, she is a mentor; she was there when I needed her. People like her and Omar that I’ve seen and met in passing but never had a chance to really talk to them, and it’s just so funny how they came into my life at the time I needed them most. I met some great people through them. Just getting closer and closer with my family and my daughter. They were so kind, I appreciated it.

Jamie: I know that Tisha Campbell and all of them, they have a circle of friends that they’re very close with—you know, Will Smith and Tisha and Tichina Arnold and all of them, right? The Hollywood friendship; they’re very, very close. But this was interesting that Keisha would reach out to you.
Brandy: Yes, I met her because her daughter and my daughter went to the same school, and I saw her in the parking lot and I was so excited to see her. She extended so much love, and I did the same. We exchanged numbers. When I went through my period of just not knowing what to do, she called out of the blue and said, “I know everybody is calling you, but if you need somebody to talk to, not about what you’re going through, but just to talk, to have a friend, I’m here.”

Jamie: Were there a lot of people calling you at that time?
Brandy: A lot of people were calling and trying to make sure everything was okay with me. I appreciated that, but it’s almost like it was so much going on that I wasn’t able to talk and get to everybody. But it was something about her message that compelled me to call her back and I did.

Jamie: And you felt comfortable with her?
Brandy: I did. Because that was the energy she gave off to me—that she really was concerned about me, not just trying to find out what’s going on.

Jamie: What about Serena because you were close with Serena. Was she working at that time?
Brandy: Yeah. Me and Serena used to hang out a lot when we were younger. But I just saw Serena’s match in New York. She invited me to come to her match and I was able to witness her going #1 again and win the U.S. Open. That was a highlight for me because I hadn’t seen her in a while and to see her play tennis, which is one of my favorite sports. That was such a highlight. I was so proud. She’s a champion that can come back. Because that’s what I’m trying to do; I’m coming back to my industry and solidifying my name and my music. So to see her do it, it just really inspired me.

Jamie: You know what? People want you to come back. I want you to know that.
Brandy: Thank you.

Jamie: Everybody likes it when someone has been down and they can pick themselves up and get back on track. But that’s the thing: How do you get back on track when you’re getting these blows? It’s like Mike Tyson’s blows. So “America’s Got Talent” replaced you. How did you deal with that or did you just leave?
Brandy: I think a lot of people get that story mixed up; I didn’t want to go back to “America’s Got Talent.” And it’s not because I wasn’t having a good time and it wasn’t because they were treating me any type of way; I had a blast on that show. I got a chance to sit in the middle of two funny guys, very different, and got a chance to see a lot of great talent on that stage. But I started to feel like I wanted to be onstage. I don’t want to judge someone else’s talent. I want to be the person on the stage. I told my mom and I told the team that I don’t want to go back to “America’s Got Talent” because I want to sing and I don’t know if I could do this and that at the same time. I felt like that was the best decision, but when something like the accident happened, then of course the media tries to tie in what happened with that’s why they replaced me.

Jamie: Those are the things I want to get straight.
Brandy: Yes, and that’s fine. But that wasn’t the case; the case was that I wanted to sing. I felt like I belonged on the stage rather than behind a microphone telling somebody else they have talent.

Jamie: Did you just say, “This has been a blast and everything, but I just don’t want to be here anymore.” Is that how you left it?

Brandy: I kind of left it to my team to handle it. But that’s what I said. That was a decision I felt I needed to make. I left it to them to work out. It worked out because they got Sharon Osbourne, and I think she’s great.

Jamie: She’s really cool. She’s cool.
Brandy: Yeah, I like her a lot.

2 Responses to “Brandy’s Sister2Sister Interview”
  1. Lutfi says:

    WOW! I loved reading this interview and the things Brandy said about God. Talk about similar experiences!
    I’ve also wanted to sing and I’ve found that anything is possible if you have true faith in God no matter what your religion, and not just give him a nod every other Sunday or Friday.
    I think it is good for her that she has become more spiritual, and others should be inspired to do the same.
    I just LOVE her comeback song “Right Here (Departed)” and I think the message in it is beautiful – she really came back with a BANG! She’s always been my favourite singer and when I saw her on “America’s Got Talent” I thought the same thing as she did – “Why is she sat judging people’s talent when she should really be up on that stage herself?” – but for the record she did a great job as a judge and I believe she was fair.

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