Brandy Update #43

The number of albums sold as of  Sunday was 133,685.  Thats not a lot but its not bad! She sold about 10K last week. Truth is… there has been very little promo in the last few weeks and there is no single really blazing the charts so I can’t say the expectations are that high for the album at this very second. Epic has shown that they can turn things around quickly though. I have said all along that they know what they are doing. I just hope I am right this time! Then there is alot of buzz about the 3rd single. I have several people telling me its Piano Man but I have another semi-reliable source tell me that the label is not sure about single #3 or Piano Man.  The label early on thought True would be the 3rd single.  My opinion is that the idea of trying to “reintroduce” Brandy with these heartfelt jams and ballads is not working… People want to dance their recession woes away in the club! Piano Man makes a whole hell of a lot of sense! Anything else they want to accomplish can be done with “Quickly.” Brandy selling 10K with no promo should be a sign that this album is not over!

Moving on… The news that brandy considered suicide is all over the place. I admire Brandy for being okay with her reality! Life is what life is! I just don’t want it to get to “dark” for those shallow folks out there who live in a rose bed! I need to them to still want this album!

Brandy has been flirting with the BET top 10 for weeks now and she finally peaked at #8 yesterday! Fans have to step it up!!! ==>CLICK HERE TO VOTE<== YES WE CAN!

Billboard news to come!


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