Brandy Billboard Chart Updates [1.17.09]

Billboard 200: #72 (- 3 spots, Pk: #15)
Comprehensive Album Chart: #77(- 3 spots, Pk: #16)
Top R&B Hip Hop Albums: #17(Same as last wk pos., Pk: #5)

Right Here Departed
Hot 100: #81(- 16 spots, Pk: #34)
Pop 100: #48(+ 1 spot, Pk:#22)
Pop 100 Airplay: #37(Same as last week pos, Pk: #23)
Mainstream Top 40: #31(-1 spot, Pk: #21)
Hot Dance Club Play: #33(- 22 spots, Pk: #1)
Canadian Hot 100: #68(Same as last week pos., Pk: #39)

Long Distance
Hot R&B Hip Hop Songs: #47(+ 2 spots, Pk: #42)
Mainstream R&B Hip Hop: #34(+ 1 spot, Pk:33)
Hot R&B Hip Hop Airplay: #47(+ 2 spots, Pk: #42)
Hot Adult R&B Airplay: #21(+ 3 spots, Pk: #21)

One Response to “Brandy Billboard Chart Updates [1.17.09]”
  1. wHatGuddIE says:

    i believe oprah ellen leno and other late night and daytime appearances and spins on vh1 n bet is gonna help if she would just do oprah and other big daytime shows and the view

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