Brandy Performs on the Today Show!! [1.2.09] + Update #40

Brandy will perform on the Today Show on Friday, January 2, 2009 in the 10 )’ Clock hour. It is a pre-recording where she is lilely to be performing Long Distance, the second single off her critically acclaimed album, Human. Human is in stores everywhere and available digitally! Check your local listings for more information about time.

Check out Brandy on Fox & Friends! Great performance of Right Here (Departed). This is not the same performance as the one you may have seen! CLICK HERE!! 

The boombox reports that Brandy and Ray will be in the studio working on an album. I know this is old news but this is a new article with a few more details. Click HERE to read! 

Check out the Billboard charts page on ilovebrandy for update info on the album and singles!

One Response to “Brandy Performs on the Today Show!! [1.2.09] + Update #40”
  1. Sesilie says:

    Brandy obviously loves her brother, but I’m kinda hoping the joint album wont happen. I mean Brandy is on a completely other level than her brother musically.

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