Brandy Update #38

What are people circulating a photo that is “supposed” to be Brandy sayong she was acting stupid! Too bad this woman isn ike 10 shades lighter than Brandy and is not dressed very well! You be the judge!


What a great Christmas present from Brandy! The song, “Keye” was leaked! Check it out HERE!

Well, here is the video of Brandy in the mall hiding;

Brandy’s second week slaes land her at #66 on the Billboard 200.  I’m not having a comment or emotion right now! Brighter news is that their has been further confirmation that John Legnend and Brandy will be shooting the video for Quickly this weekend in LA. I know that it was reported a month ago but I have learned that pictures don’t circulate the day after it hapens, then it didn’t hapen! I will kepp everyone updated on what I find out!

Make sue yuu support Long Distance on 106 & Park! It fel off for 2 days and came back on xmas eve at #10


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