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Heres what Freddyo wrote about Bran Bran…

 V-103 had a Soul session staring Brandy and Slim from 112, – – I have to say it was of the chain.  This was Brandy’s first time seeing Monica in years. Brandy came on the Ryan Camron Show and talked about how much she wished Monica would come and show her some love and that is just what she did. 

“I just tried to call Monica the other day and her number was changed AGAIN! I’m like girl, would you just come on out so we can do a tour together. I would love to do that with her. I think the fans would enjoy it and I know that’s what they want and she knows it to, so I’m gonna try and make that happen. That would be amazing and that’s also a dream of mine too.”

I have to say after meeting Brandy she is one of the most humble and kind hearted celebrities I have meet. Shout Out to my boy slim who album is crazy !!! 



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