Salty Sandra Rose…Brandy Hits ATL Club with Mario…

Brandy was out and about last night and apparently some females were mistaken for the blogger behind and hackled by Epic folks… Here’s what reports…

Brandy and Monica performed together for the first time in 12 years last night. This photo was taken at another event prior to Brandy coming out to Luckie. What should have been a momentous occasion for these two stars turned into a very tacky forgettable experience during to the unprofessionalism of a few. I’m not naming the event or the venue because there was a lot of unnecessary hating going on. I hear my name was being bandied about and I wasn’t even there! A couple of local female bloggers were rudely disrespected due to the fact that they might have been confused for me. The hating was perpetrated by staffers at the one time ratings leader, V-103, and folks at Brandy’s label. But we don’t dwell on the negativity here on All I’m going to say is what goes around comes back around in due time. Oh, did I mention that Brandy’s new album, Human, is a major disappointment

What do y’all think? The pictures are real nice though! Epic better be riding for Bran Bran. I hope they didn’t disrespect anyone. I’m sure they didn’t! Anyways, all of the viewers on the site have made comments about the album.. CLICK HERE and weigh in!

2 Responses to “Salty Sandra Rose…Brandy Hits ATL Club with Mario…”
  1. mil says:

    You didn’t leave a link to Sandra Rose’s blog, I’m such with hatefilled though *snickers*

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