Brandy Update #34

Well the numbers are in! yes, Brandy had less than stellar numbers in the eyes of critics, but week one is certainly not the end of the road. Brandy is traveling down a long road back to promenance and she is lucky to have fans like us to support her all of the way! The good news is that 75,000 people went to the store and bought Human and gotten their money’s worth. The good news is that today is a new day and Brandy is still on her promo grind! There is ALOT of good news that HAS to outweigh the badnews! Speaking of good news, Long Distance is doing well. I was surprised to see that even one country station plyed the song on Tuesday! Thats a great accomplishment considering she is not a country artist!

A great way to see when a radio stations plays Brandy’s records is on a site called CLICK HERE ¬†to go directly to Brandy’s room! Anytime a song of hers is played around the country, you can go to that radio stations room and tell them that you like the song!

Check out this short video clip Brandy did with JoJo on the Radio! is so funny! They captioned pictures from Brandy and Monica’s meetup last night! Check them out by CLICKING HERE!

4 Responses to “Brandy Update #34”
  1. mil says:

    lol@ the country radio station playing LD..they could have gotten away with “Camouflage” at least.

  2. mil says:

    ps: and thanks for the link to Yes radio’s really practical!

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