Brandy Talks to Timothy Hodge

Brandy did an interview with Timothy Hodge on Wednesday, November 17. The link is below but I will summarize as best as I can. Brandy had to find a quiet place to talk with him so it takes a minute for thinsg to get going. Once it gets going he asks her who her inspirations are. Brandy talks about how she is really influenced by Whitney! She points to a concert she seen as a child where Whitney has such a great presence and people were in the crown crying. She said she wanted to have that affect on people. He then has her introduce the single and he plays it! Never.. Im bored.. Im going to just review!

Topics covered: Whitney, Rodney, Natasha Betingingfield, Inspiration, the music game, leaving Atlantic, Thea, advice to up and coming folks, Sy’Rai, and Christmas!

Click HERE to hear the interview!


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