Brandy Update #32 What a crazy DAY!

Today has just been one of those days! I was away from the computer all day so I was seeing all of this crazy stuff all over the net from my cell phone. Now that I am home, I am trying not to watch, listen or read anything negitive about my Brandy! Moving on!

Where is Brandy? Hopefully she is taking a day to rest and spend time with her family! Knowing Brandy, she is probably out getting in as much promo as she can! Gotta love her work ethic! She will be in Atlanta today (Wednesday) performing for V103’s Soul Sessions with Slim from 112! Go on head Bran Bran!

Moving on… Blackvoices wants to know if Brandy will ever find Love… GO CAST YOUR VOTE! CLICK HERE! Brandy did an interview for BET and she looks AMAZING!!!! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO!!!

Check out Brandy getting ready for 106 & Party! You can hear her in the background killin!

Brandy is in Star Magazine walking through the drive thru at McDonalds getting Fries! Gotta love it! Thats what Humans do!!!! Right Here (Departed) is doing well in France, ranking #7 on the singles chart! Go Brandy! International success!

One Response to “Brandy Update #32 What a crazy DAY!”
  1. mil says:

    Fantastic update!! Thanks. It’s sooo awesome to see Brandy being given the “royal treatment”, promotional wise, this time compensates for the other issues with the sales!:)

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