Brandy Interview with Shade 45 (Angela Yee)

I was trying to avoid posting anything about this since its all over the net but here it is! The video is crazy because Brandy is being very classy and appropriate! She is not being sour or rude but she is simply defending herself. Celebrities don’t take the opportunity to do that very often! I appreciated Brandy’s demeanor i think Angela Yee is trying to promote herself! FAILED! What are your thoughts?

3 Responses to “Brandy Interview with Shade 45 (Angela Yee)”
  1. Sesilie says:

    I definitely don’t think that Brandy did anything wrong but I honestly don’t think that Angela Yee did anything wrong either DURING the interview. But then afterwards she’s being completely unprofesional with her negative and juvenile comments about Brandy. If they had just aired the interview in it’s full length I doubt anyone would have raised an eyebrow, I mean It’s just a regular question that she respectfully declines to answer.

  2. mil says:

    All I retain from the interview is that Brandy remains the same old girl! I enjoyed it.

  3. TaurusAngel says:

    I see nothing wrong with what she did at all. I mean, Angela didn’t have to be so rude about the whole thing. Bashing Brandy over nothing. Why did she even pursue asking Bran about a non existent brother? Come on now. She was basically calling Bran a liar like she wouldn’t know she had a half brother.

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