Dear Brandy Critics…

81I would like to take a brief moment to address critics of Brandy Rayana Norwood…present critics and those who will emerge in the coming days. For close to 15 years Brandy has inspired her listeners with amazing vocal ability and talent. That being said, she has experienced some hiccups along the way, as most of us do! If we are all honest with ourselves, there is nothing that Brandy has experienced that is foreign to our own experiences. If it hasn’t happened to you, it happened to someone you know! Lucky for us, our shortcomings our relatively blunted because they are only exposed to a small amount of people. Just imagine what it would be like for your whole life to be magnified by critical people who do not have your best interest at heart. If you could spend 10 minutes in Brandy’s shoes… you would want to hurry back to your own. There is only so much that money and fame can buy you. Money and fame do not make you exempt from the ability to make huge mistakes. You can’t buy your way out of being human. Which leads me to the focal point…

If you empathized with Brandy to the best of your ability, you would see yourself in her! I have had to ask myself, “How would I expect for people to treat me if I made a mistake that wasn’t intentional?” What could I do or say to make people forgive me? These are questions that some of us do not have to ponder every second of our life. Brandy does. So Brandy takes all of those emotions and feelings and packs it into this CD for her fans. You can see the drive in her performances and in every song on this album. The triumph will not come in the form of first week album sales… but it will come from the reassurance that Brandy will have that people forgive! Some will say she had a failed comeback if she only sales 70,000 copies but for Brandy… that will be 70,000 people who forgave her for just being human.



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