Orange Karma Records Review

Rating: ★★★½ (68 out of 100)

Review: Brandy’s fifth studio album is supported by her lead single Right Here (written and produced by Rodney “DarkChild” Jerkins), which has performed well on the U.S. Billboard Charts as well as abroad. “Human” is Brandy’s fifth studio album and her first release under Epic Records since her highly publicized split with Atlantic Records. Brandy, no stranger to trial and tribulation, states in her emotional intro: “What I feel, being a Human Being is, is just, having the freedom to be yourself, not caring what other people think, just having that freedom to be you, and not being afraid, because if you’re not yourself then who are you?” The album reflects this emotional and immensely ‘human’ spirit. In addition to working with longtime collaborator and producer DarkChild, Brandy also worked with producers and songwriters such as Maximum Risk, Tim & Bob, Rockwilder, Bryan Michael Cox and WyldCard. Brandy definitely made a statement with the production on this album, representing a transition to the new age r&b music. Brandy includes some of the slower and more popular up-beat tracks as well which combine to forge a very strong album from a production standpoint. Check out the hyphy track Piano Man. Brandy’s sincere interlude Long Distance Interlude leads into her second powerful single Long Distance, which premiered October 3, 2008 on Pittsburgh radio station WAMO. Brandy’s natural sounding voice and an elite group of songwriters and producers help make “Human” a well-rounded offering from the Grammy Award-winning singer. Some other songs worth listening to include Camouflage, Human, A Capella (Something’s Missing) and Fall.


One Response to “Orange Karma Records Review”
  1. mil says:

    Superb review for Brandy!

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