Goerie.com Reviews Human

Brandy, “Human”
3.5 stars

Considering Brandy’s rocky recent past, the sweet serenity and uplifting R&B anthems that fill “Human” are nothing short of stunning.

Although she doesn’t address the 2006 car accident that killed another driver on a Los Angeles freeway, Brandy is definitely a changed woman on her fourth album and first since 2004’s middling “Afrodisiac.”

“These scars I’ve got, they’re a part of who I am, ” Brandy sings on “Camouflage.” “Take me or not, but I finally understand. I’m so done trying to be everything you want.”

“Camouflage” is a worthy cousin to Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” and should share similar success. But it’s more about esteem-raising and self-improvement than a search for a sassy put-down. It’s a feeling so ingrained in “Human” that the silky R&B anthem “Warm It Up With Love” isn’t just one of the standout tracks, but its guiding principle.

With producer Rodney Jerkins, Brandy radiates warmth and hopefulness throughout “Human” — not in the naive way of someone who doesn’t know any better, but in the determined way of someone who does.

Her delivery on the up-tempo “Right Here (Departed)” and the touching ballad “Long Distance” reflects those choices.

With “Human, ” Brandy has created an album of soulful solace that she seemed to need for herself. Then, she graciously shares it with the rest of us.

— Glenn Gamboa, Newsday (Link)

One Response to “Goerie.com Reviews Human”
  1. mil says:

    wow, all the reviews have generally been terrific this era

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