Brandy Update #30

How is everybody! I hope you are enjoying those Brandy CDs as much as I am! Today was the first time I listened to another CD and it wasn’t fulfilling at all! At any rate, I am back to Brandy! I don’t think I will EVER be able to get tired of this CD! Anyways… I am sure you all want to know what Brandy is up to! ME TOO! Alot of talk circulating about her working with Timbo on his Shock Volume 2 but I have found any real information were linking you to! I am sure that he and Brandy will be in the studio sometime soon! Brandy is back in California..or at least she was over the weekend! I have not gotten any word as to whether she had an album release party or not!

So a Song called “EASY” leaked that was supposed to be on Brandy’s album however it sounds noting like her to me! Its probably the demo! What do you think? CLICK HERE TO LISTEN! 

Sister2Sister Magazine with Brandy on the cover is officially in stores! Go pick it up! Jamie Foster Browndoes really nice interviews! I heard their was a cute story about Sy’Rai wanting a tattoo! I’ll be picking up my copy tomorrow!

So SHUT UP about the album sales! I am hearing all of these discouraging words about sales and Epic not shipping enough CDs. At this point, I have to believe that whatever happens, is meant to happen! If the projections are right and she sells 80K, I will be happy. If they are wrong and she sells 40000000000K, I will be happy. Brandy made this album for the fans! I am blessed to have and am no longer worried about who doesn’t have it! I bought 9 copies so I did my part! I may buy more! I am so satisfied with Brandy! I just hope that the promotion of this album continues. Its too great to die like the last two have!

Thats all I got for now! Tomorrow I will work hard for y’all….even Leerick!


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