Did She just Pull Brandy’s Hair?

So a few year ago, Barbara Walters (who disgusts me) had the adacity to ask Brandy if her haire was real while attempting to run her fingers through it… Check out the video!

Well.. I didn’t like it and neither did a lot of people! Today she did an interview with The Advocate and they asked her about it! Read it and tell me what you think? Heres how it went down…

When you were on The View in mid 2007, Barbara Walters pulled your hair and asked if it was real. Some people were really offended and it was all over the Internet. Did that make you feel uncomfortable?
It did — of course it made me feel uncomfortable. No one’s ever really asked that question to me, especially on live television. I think some things are just inappropriate, but I don’t think she meant anything by it. You know what I mean? I don’t think she was trying to be rude in any type of way. Maybe she just really liked it and just wanted to know if it was real because it looked so good — you never know! I played it off; I just don’t think that she knew. She didn’t really mean anything by it. I hope not.

You did play it off, but some folks were offended.

I don’t know — how do you think she came off? Do you think she came off like she was being rude? I mean, is she always like that? [Laughs] I’ve never really seen her with anyone else.


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