Brandy Update #29

Hey Folks! Hope all is well and that you have PURCHASED the CDand are loving it! I have noticed that alot of people have been looking for the MTV LEAK. Its gone kids and its game time now! I am not up to 9 copies purchased and I am “WARMIN IT UP WITH  LOVE” by giving this album to people who I like and love! Maybe I will buy another this weekend!

Brandy’s publicity has been great and very grassroots! I am glad she is making Kyte videos again! She apparently recorded tape for BET’S NEW YEARS CELEBRATION 106 & Party. In addition she will be doing the Fox & Friends show over the weekend as well as the Jingle Ball tonight. I did get a tip that there was an album release party in LA tonightbut I am not sure how that is going to work out. She may have a direct flight back to LA. Thats too much for Brandy… If anyone is in LA and going let me know how that cracks off… in fact, I think I will do my own research!

Brandy and Musiq are neck and neck on itunes for sales this week! On the main charts, Brandy is #7, Musiq is #6… On R&B.. Brandy is #2 and #11 and Musiq id #1 and #10. I LOVE musiq but won’t be able to support him until next week! I think I am going to start a new page with recommended selections!

Anyways, Brandy will be on Fox & Friends on Saturday morning at 7 a.m. Check your local listings for more information.

4 Responses to “Brandy Update #29”
  1. nellybfreshz says:

    Damn Brandy, no top 10

    YOUR WEAKEND TOP 10 CHART PREVIEW: As the work week winds down, it’s still a tight race for #1 next week, but our crack numbers crunchers are giving a slight edge to Big Machine뭩 Taylor Swift (190-200k) over Jive/ZLG뭩 Britney Spears (180-190k). With only two weekends left until Christmas, they뭨e expecting strong sales on the skyrocketing country star at the big-box accounts, and while Britney could still take the top spot, she’ll have to buck the trend of big second-week drops in order to do so. As for the rest of next week뭩 leader board, it뭠l be composed of the usual suspects: #3 Beyonce (Music World/Columbia), 140-150k; #4 Nickelback (Roadrunner), 130-140k; #5 Kanye West (Roc-A-Fella/IDJ), 120-130k; #6 Now 29 (UMe) 110-120k; #7 High School Musical 3 (Walt Disney) or Twilight (Chop Shop/Atlantic), both trending toward 100-110k; #9 David Cook (19/RCA/RMG) 95-100k; and finally, at #10, the week뭩 lone debut, Musiq Soulchild (Atlantic), with 90-95k. (Hits)

  2. nellybfreshz says:

    im not sayin its the truth but i got it from a forum site whos my friend and he is normally right but im hoping he’s wrong

    • Dominique says:

      Oh… Thats a low projection. On most sites, she and Muisq are going head to head. I doubt that she will be left out of the top 10. I am bout to go buy my 10th copy!

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