Vibe Magazine Reviews Human!!!!

Human (Sony)

Some fall victim to tragedy. And there are those who prevail in the face of adversity. After four traumatic years (a car crash in 2006 and an outed false marriage with ex-significant other/producer Robert Smith in 2004), Brandy has escaped misery’s grasp and jumped in to the arms of resilience, a move she fully documents on her fifth and most intimate album to date, Human (Sony).

On Human, Brandy revamps the purity once heard and forsaken in her self-titled 1994 debut Brandy and she also links back up with that album’s production mastermind, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins.  The chemistry is instant as Jerkins mid-tempo arrangements serve as a perfect canvas for a masterpiece of impassioned healing, brushed with undertones of forgiveness, acceptance and hope. On “A Capella (Something’s Missing)” Brandy creates a beat herself with continuous sound effects to strengthen the urgency behind her cry for guidance, crying out “I’m looking for the light to restore my vision/Cause I’m walking blind/Can’t somebody help me?”

Brandy’s inner solace also streams throughout Human. The title track embodies a plea for forgiveness and salvation to those she’s hurt, including herself,  “Is there anything to say to you to help you dry your eyes? I would make it all better if I could/ I’m only human, forgive me,” she sings.

Human radiates as a triumphant return. Her depth and sincerity indeed prove that Brandy is perfectly human.

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