PREACH WOMAN!!! (The Jenni Show)

6 Responses to “PREACH WOMAN!!! (The Jenni Show)”
  1. JENNi says:

    HEY EVERYONE !! haha that’s me.. The Jenni LOL this is so awesome ! thankss ❤ I LOVEEE BRANDY! I’m so glad shes back! did you see the tyra interview… I feel so bad she had to go through that… I’m just glad that she’s this down to earth person making these amazing records & people are excited about it

    its a movement of positivity in the music industry its lovely =]

    • Dominique says:

      Jenni! You are fave stan! Thanks for stopping by! Let me know when you want that exclusive! Oh, and I am not a Beyonce stan this time around because I don’t need all of these personalities.. I need her to just be who she is! I still got love for her though!

  2. Jason says:

    THIS IS A GREAT CRITIQUE!!! And not just cause I’m a Brandy fan but because u can tell that Jenni is unbiased. You can tell that she is a fan of MUSIC and not just trying to a favorite artist in front of others

  3. nellybfreshz says:

    great review luved it

  4. TayfromNC says:

    Nice. Truly said.

  5. TaurusAngel says:

    Great review Jenni!!!

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