GUESS WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT BRANDY? estimates thot our Brandy will ONLY sell 80K copies and wil be nowhere near the top of the charts… Here is what they wrote…

And three divas (Britney, Beyonce &  Taylor) shall lead them into the holiday sales season. With no new heavy hitters on tap for next week’s chart, it looks to be a three-way race for #1, based on one-day reports from retailers still standing, from a trio of divas. Britney Spears’ Jive/ZLG album Circus (this week’s chart-topper), Taylor Swift’s Big Machine disc Fearless and Beyonce’s Columbia release I Am… Sasha Fierce will battle it out for the top spot on next Tuesday’s HITS Top 50, all in the 175k range. Atlantic’s Musiq Soulchild looks to be the top newcomer with an estimated total of 90-110k, followed by G.O.O.D. Music/Geffen’s Common (80-90k), Brandy’s first album for Epic (70-80k) and Capitol R&B group Avant (50-60k). “

So real fans out there…. What are you going to do about this horrible prediction???? Buy another album for someone! Reccomend it to a friend! Don’t let anyone borrow it! Write reviews on amazon, itunes, etc. Blast it in your car LOUD!!!!!

  1. Michael says:

    This is so rude no major competition excuse me do they not know Brandy was around before these girls were existed in the industry. I still stand by what I say I think she will sell a little over 100,000 copies. She’s still doing promotion for this album. I’m going to buy another copy and their never on key with their predictions . Circus by Britney Spears they estimated 450,000 and she end up selling over 500,000 copies it’s first week. SO don’t give up hope!

  2. Sesilie says:

    Wow…this makes me really sad. She deserves to do numbers like britney did this week!!! If only I wasn’t so darn broke I’d go out and buy 10 more copies.

  3. TaurusAngel says:

    Don’t listen to it guys!!!! Keep hyping the album and putting the word out. She will do good.

  4. Tayfromnc says:

    Never Say Never Yall BET’S special was on point, Im hopeful that convinced a few folks who were on the fence.

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