Brandy Update #28

Brandy was on 106 & Park today and looked AMAZING. The hair was flaweless! She seemed a little tired but was still beaming. I am sure that everyone has noted that she was not on The View today. There are a lot of rumors swimming around about why that is. I HEARD that it had to do with The View wanting her to discuss certain issues she was unwilling to discuss… but I also heard that they were upset that she went on Tyra… I don’t believe either to tell you the truth. I feel like it will be rescheduled! If she was a no show, I am quite sure Whoopi would have said something! I know she was still in NY! Wonder when we are getting a kyte video? Hopefully soon!

Shout out to Brandy stans who went into Walmart and put Brandy where she belongs! ON TOP! Shout out to rnbgenious! Check his video out!

Don’t forget to tune into the BET Special called “Brandy:Just Human.” It will air at 11:30 ET but check your local listings! She will also be on The Early show in the morning! Get that Pub B!

2 Responses to “Brandy Update #28”
  1. whATIT is says:

    while watching the morning show performance when it went on commercial it said brandy n robin thicke was gonna be performing on somthing was looking for it guess more research to do

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