Brandy Update #27

Brandy is #3 on Yahoo’s list of most serach people today… Thats hot! Over the past 6 days, the traffic on this site has QUADRUPLED! I have been talking bad about Epic but maybe they aren’t so bad afterall… I have to give credit to momager, Sonja who I know has a say in some of this! Brandy has three commercials out… one from Target ($9.99) one from FYE and one from Epic. I am sure they will be in heavy rotation this week. I am not really a TV watcher so if you see it… tell me how it is!

I see that people are saying Brandy has been lip synching all of her performances. I can’t confirm or deny that! I don’t know. Quite frankly, I don’t care! All I know is that its BRANDY’s VOICE. She didn’t hijack somebody elses voice!? Beyonce will have done 5 backflips and come up singing like she is laying on the couch and she is fiercely defended. Brandy does a few performances where you can hear her breathing and people get to gossiping! PLEASE! No shade towards Beyonce but everybody lip synchs. Everybody sings live and unless your a renowned singer, you don’t know the strain performing puts on your voice. Cool it and buy the CD!

MTV wrote up a cute story about Brandy being funny! CHECK IT OUT HERE! She is talking about being single and all of the lovely things that come along with that!  The LOGO channel writes up a brief review on the album…CHECK IT OUT HERE! Cute for LOGO! The associated Press had positive things to say in its review of the album. CLICK HERE TO READ!

3 Responses to “Brandy Update #27”
  1. nelly says:

    yea i was watching law&order and during the commercials i saw the target ad for brandy they showed the music video for departed it was exciting!!! also i bought three copies of human and purchased departed and long distance all over again

  2. Michael says:

    yup I saw it 2 times today first it was during E news live during the commercials and then I saw it on MTV. I was really excited I was like get em B rocka!! I bought 2 copies one at Target the regular edition then I went to walmart and bought the bonus album with bonus singles.

  3. UKNOW whAT says:

    were does it say that i couldnt find it brandt #3 on top searched

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