Brandy on The Early Show (CBS)


Click here for the INTERVIEW!!

9 Responses to “Brandy on The Early Show (CBS)”
  1. vmars08 says:

    Thanks for posting this! You are doing a great job of supporting our Bran Bran! I have a blog & I’ve been non-stop posting stuff about her. I dedicated my facebook status to counting down to the release of ‘human’ for two weeks & my myspace name promotes the album as well lol. I do what I can.

  2. vmars08 says:

    I’m the Justin Bray from TX

  3. vmars08 says:

    my name on myspace is Brandy | Human | 12.9.08 (& i’m brandy’s friend of course lol)

  4. vmars08 says:

    hmm… I know there’s a lot of people with my name lol. I could always search for you if you want. Btw, did you watch “Brandy: Just Human?” Incredible, right? I think she was on The View the other day too, but I can’t find it on the web… I think I’ve seen all the other appearances so far.

    • Dominique says:

      All them dayum Justin Brays! Dominique Beaumonte is my name. Theres only one me! She was not on the view so thats why you cannot find it! I have not watched the BET special because its nly 10:09 on the west coast!

  5. vmars08 says:

    haha alright i added u. & oh … that would make sense then because i was googling every variation of the words ‘brandy’ & ‘view’ & still nothing! you’ll love the bet special though.

  6. Chaunna says:

    Long Distance performance was major!

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