Brandy on 92.1 in ATL for “Girl Talk”

WOW y’all… they were getting real deep. Brandy was talking about how much it hurt her to read blogs and stuff where people judged her for the accident. She talked about how when she journals, she always starts off with “Dear God..” There was a lot of crying!!! She talked about acting and having meetings set up after the radio tour. She talked about how crazy she gets in front of the camera. She wants to do a sitcom, work with kids, and do a movie. She talked about her connection with Sy’Rai’s friends and how she connects with kids. She wants to work with single moms. They asked if she was a soccer mom…”Shes in drama.” She tries not to spank Sy’Rai.

On to Ray J and the sex tape.. same old same old… Didn’t want it to get out, it was private, he loved it! She talked about how she knew Kim Kardashian before RAY J. She encouraged everybody to be who they are! “The events that have happened in my life have humbled me.” Brandy wanted people see that she has grown… “If you were to retire, would you be financially straight for the rest of your life?” Brandy answers, “YES”

4 Responses to “Brandy on 92.1 in ATL for “Girl Talk””
  1. TaurusAngel says:

    Do you have the audio to this?

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