HUMAN Buying Guide

Human Buying Guide:


Can you believe it! Human is finally here and will be in stores soon! I am SOOOOO excited! I put together some tips and FAQs for all the fans. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Who will sell the album for the cheapest? Target wins! You can get the album at Target for $8.99 for the first week! They will also have sales on all previous albums! With exception to Afro, all other Brandy CDs will be $6.97-6.99. Target Rocks! If you know a youngster or a new Brandy lover, buying the collection would be a nice Xmas gift, if you celebrate. (Link)


Should I buy them all separately? It doesn’t matter! Sales records are based on scans at the register not purchases! So if you buy 7 albums at the same time, Brandy gets credit for selling 7 albums. I am am weird so I will be making separate purchases!


Does buying it on itunes or any other Mp3 seller count? Yes!


Which Stores have bonus tracks? Bestbuy, Wal-Mart…


Take a photo when you buy the album and send it to me! I will post on the “Fans Buy the Album” page! I can’t wait!


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