Randy Brandy Commentary from Me!

I appreciate all of you who come onto the blog everyday and read and leave comments. Its really nice. I am a huge fan of Brandy’s. I grew up a church kid and once I moved out of Granny’s house and into the dorms, the first CD I popped open was Never Say Never. Thats when me and Brandy really solidified our relationship. Since then, I RIDE for B. Soooo… I need to call a few folks out! Trueexclusives.com… you are first! You guys LOVE Brandy…Any chance I can get you to get her in your site banner? I am just sayin. Beyonce fans… get in line.. I am saving the best for last! Never mind, I can’t wait. I seen that some of you went and created some pictures that were disrespectful to Brandy. I would have taken the time to share them with my readers but you are not worth it! Brandy didn’t say anything bad about you girl. The two of them do not have beef. Stop the drama!  Epic… I want to read you but I am going to give you a good week to redeem yourself! I want a late-night talk show atleast!!!! If you give me SNL, I will kiss the ground you walk on. You owe me for playing with my heart about Miss B being on Oprah! By the way, word on the street is that Brandy WILL be on Oprah but the date has yet to be confirmed! Don’t let them tell you differently! I want to spend some time on Monica. Now, Brandy has said on several occasion that you have not answered her calls or changed your number…. Don’t play girl! I hope you aren’t trying to play my girl?

2 Responses to “Randy Brandy Commentary from Me!”
  1. nelly says:

    nice story im in college now and i dont lyk r&b music really however i just love brandy’s music all her albums, i wanted drumline 2 be on the album oh well im sure its still gonna be amazing, and i agree i want sum late nite shows with brandy performing, hell even sum award shows stop havin these same artists perform back and forth

  2. Dominique says:

    Drumlife grew on me! I really like it! It would have been nice if it were on the album!

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