Poll of the Day: Should Brandy Address the Bey-Rhi Lie?

Somebody said it was going to affect her sales (it won’t) so I wanted to know what all of you thought…

4 Responses to “Poll of the Day: Should Brandy Address the Bey-Rhi Lie?”
  1. Jason says:

    This is not going to effect her sales. Stars are misquoted all the time sometimes entire lies are made up. You can find negative things about lots of artists that aren’t true. For her to address this would be giving it validity.

  2. Tyrelle says:

    its gonna affect her sales 4 those who believe dat bs…. sum people r stupid enuff… and if beyonce or rihanna die hard fans believe it then dey aint supportin brandy… her sales could b affected.

    Brandy fans aint enuff 2 help her sell albums…………………..

  3. Jason says:

    I see what you’re saying, but I believe that the Beyonce or Rihanna die hard fans that believe the misquote will be the ones that already don’t like Brandy. Any person with common sense can read that quote and see she meant no harm. People who think differently are taking what they want from that quote, and those are people who already don’t like Brandy and weren’t going to support her anyway. So her die-hard fans and the people who aren’t so caught up in one female artist that they can’t support another won’t be affected by that article, which means no change in sales.

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