Brandy Update #26

Well, yesterdays articles were pretty good! We learned that Brandy has changed her belief about gay marriage, she ffels she is in a long Distance relationship with her daughter, and that she wants to do a talk show. Nice stuff Brandy! I LOVE YOU GIRL! I love when people ask her about the Ray J sex tape! Theres always a great reaction!

Brandy did the Tyra show with other guest, patti LaBelle! FABULOUS Photo here! Thye were notes as stars invited to Oprah’s Legend Ball!  Brandy: Legend! Gotta love Ms. Patti!

And for the radio spins for yesterday…. Right Here (departed) had an “interesting day.” We have seen better days!

Hot AC: 30 spins (+3)
Pop: 2789 spins (-33)
Urban: 228 spins (-12)
Rhythmic: 226 spins (-8)
Urban AC: 291 spins (-9)
BET: 0 spins (=)

Spins: 3564 spins (-68)
Total spins: 51949 spins (+526)

Audience: 21.727 million (-0.353)
Total audience to date: 397.488 million (+3.330)    

Long Distance is doing what it does.. beautifully!!!

 Pop: 1 spin (=)
Rhythmic: 80 spins (+4)
Urban: 612 spins (+7)
Urban AC: 271 spins (+11)

Spins: 964 spins (+22)
Total spins: 2745 spins (+145)

Audience: 5.066 million (+0.146)
Total audience to date: 16.674 million (+0.818)  

Coming to ilovebrandy soon… Poll of the day, Brandy Week, 12/9 buying tips, sister2sister cover, MORE!


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