Brandy Update #25

Brandy’s Myspace page has been updated with bonus tracks and remixes added to the long list! Pretty nice!

Right Here (Departed) refuses to go away! I love it! No Grammy nod but a top 25 spot on the top 40, according to and! “Radio finds The Fray in a big way as Epic’s Saturn, Nappi, Halpern and Levy launch the single, “You Found Me.” Leading the way at Pop are Top 40 majors KHKS, KBKS, WXXL, WFLZ, KXXM, KMXV, WRVW, WBLI and WNOU before official impact date on 12/16. Brandy’s “Right Here” leaps into the Top 25 at Top 40 ahead of her new album Human, landing at retail on 12/9, and White Tie Affair’s debut, “Candle (Sick And Tired)”, continues to climb toward a Top 40 Chart debut…”

You got to love it! It’s still rebouding on radio too! Check out the #’s;

Hot AC: 27 spins (+2)
Pop: 2831 spins (+27)
Urban: 240 spins (+15)
Rhythmic: 234 spins (-8)
Urban AC: 300 spins (+19)
BET: 0 spins (=)

Spins: 3632 spins (+55)
Total spins: 51423 spins (+575)

Audience: 21.727 million (+0.544)
Total audience to date: 394.158 million (+4.013)    

And Long Distance is doing what it do!!

Pop: 1 spin (=)
Rhythmic: 76 spins (+2)
Urban: 605 spins (+28)
Urban AC: 260 spins (+41)

Spins: 942 spins (+101)
Total spins: 2598 spins (+182)

Audience: 4.920 million (+0.676)
Total audience to date: 15.247 million (+1.419)  

Brandy is kiling on Amazon with Album Presales…


Got Sprint? You can purchase the ringtones for Long Distance and Right Here (Departed)!!!


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