Brandy Update #24

Yahoo names Brandy one of the top Teen Idols of all times… Of 25, she was ranked #23. I know if I look at this, I would be mad so I am not going to look but you can. Here is THE LINK! is trying to start drama by saying Brandy dissed Beyonce and Rihanna’s fashion sense! WHATEVER!!! Click here to read this mess and also read the post that I did this morning! What losers! Some of the people who posted are SO rude! I had to stop reading!

Yesterday was a great day for Right Here (Departed). Here are the numbers!

Hot AC: 25 spins (-2)
Pop: 2803 spins (+4)
Urban: 225 spins +17)
Rhythmic: 242 spins (+1)
Urban AC: 281 spins (+16)
BET: 0 spins (=)

Spins: 3576 spins (+38)
Total spins: 50847 spins (+601)

Audience: 21.177 million (+0.428)
Total audience to date: 390.142 million (+4.132)   

Long Distance didn’t do too shabby either. It was listed among the most piucked up songs by radio stations! Here are the numbers;

Pop: 1 spin (-1)
Rhythmic: 74 spins (+1)
Urban: 577 spins (+4)
Urban AC: 219 spins (+24)

Spins: 871 spins (+30)
Total spins: 2414 spins (+143)

Audience: 4.244 million (+0.031)
Total audience to date: 15.239 million (+0.772) 

Did you preview the album on MTV’s The Leak? I refuse to! I want to hear it first in my car! I did break down and listen to the new version of “Fall.” Oh my goodness y’all! I already said a month ago that “Fall Might be my favorite Brandy song of ALL TIMES! The new version had me tearing up and I am a grown man! WOW! Thats All I can say! Anyone else preview the album? How did you like it?

Brandy was on the Steve Harvey show this morning and will be on again on Friday! Thats great. He is syndicated which means people all over the country listen to him! The Brandy promo is picking up!

Anyways.. stay tuned! On Friday, I am going to do a  “December 9 101: Tips for buying Brandy’s Album.” There are a lot of misconceptions out there about how sales are calculated so I want to clear them up and make sure that Brandy gets the week she deserves!

2 Responses to “Brandy Update #24”
  1. Rick says:

    Can u tell me the first song Brandy sang on the Steve Harvey Show? I remember she did ‘long distance second’

  2. Rick says:

    Duh, to answer my own question, I’m pretty certain it was “Right Here”

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