MTV Blog Reviews “Human”

We already told you we’ve been down with Brandy since the days when she was sittin’ up in her room, dating B-baller Kobe Bryant and challenging Monica to an angry duet-slash-duel over some playa who was probably out two-timing (three-timing?) them both. And while we seriously regret our self-imposed Brandy hiatus, we’ve since reformed our ways by giving her new album, Human, a listen — and FYI, we love, love, LOVED it.

Turns out, Brandy’s still got the same ability to rock a mic, the same wispy, little-girl voice and the same ability to get her sticky-as-superglue songs stuck in our head all frickin’ day. Head over to’s The Leak to check out the record Brandy calls “my most personal album to date,” and keep your ears peeled for already-released singles like “Right Here (Departed)” and hot new tracks like “Fall,” (a collab with Natasha Bedingfield!)

Also? We STILL can’t believe Audrina Patridge slipped out in the middle of Brandy’s studio sesh on The Hills this season! Hmm, it’s almost like she was too busy thinking about Justin Bobby (a.k.a. her commitment-phobic sometimes-boyfriend) to pay attention to “Long Distance” (a.k.a. Brandy’s song about totally impossible relationships). Crazy, huh??


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