Brandy Update #23

Right Here (Departed) ranks #22 among Best-selling R&B songs on itunes for 2008! Pretty sweet, huh? You can go to I-Tunes and click under “I-Tunes 2008,” and go under genre R&B/Soul to see it!

In Promo news… There are commercials running on MTV and BET promoting the album. The MTV commercial is promoting “The Leak,” which will allow anyone to stream the album from the MTV site. Get that link by searching “MTV THE LEAK” on my pain page! And about BET… I hear that BET will have a mini concert with Brandy that will be taped on Thursday! I just hope that it is separate from the regular 106 because I want it to play next week!

Our Girl Brandy is making it happen on Itunes sales! She has the #4 and #57 spot on the R&B and regular sales charts… thanks to an amazing video! I have a GREAT feeling y’all!

Brandy shot Tyra today! I am so excited! She was there with Patti, who was doing a  little cooking! Brandy performed both singles and hd a deep interview with Tyra. I can’t wait to see it!

Oh, and props to Concreteloop for saying little Sy’Rai is a cutie.. we always knew that though!

And for the radio spins updates…

12/1 – Right Here (Departed)

Hot AC: 27 spins (-1)
Pop: 2799 spins (+1)
Urban: 207 spins (-7)
Rhythmic: 241 spins (=)
Urban AC: 264 spins (-1)
BET: 0 spins (=)

Spins: 3538 spins (-8)
Total spins: 50264 spins (+567)

Audience: 20.749 million (+0.043)
Total audience to date: 386.010 million (+4.299)

12/1 – Long Distance(-0.015)
Total audience to date: 14.467 million (+0.782) 

Pop: 2 spin (+1)
Rhythmic: 73 spins (=)
Urban: 573 spins (-13)
Urban AC: 195 spins (+23)

Spins: 841 spins (+16)
Total spins: 2271 spins (+128)

Audience: 4.213 million

One Response to “Brandy Update #23”
  1. b. ryan says:

    brandy will def accomplish her goal with this release, quite a masterpiece. I am so glad she had the audacity to release such a melodic and soulful album with mindblowing adlibs that everyone knows are addicitive

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