Brandy Update #22

Yes. Yes. Yes. Brandy is coming back! It’s been an interesting ride since August but Brandy is making her way BACK into prominence and I am happy to be apart of this era!

Right Here (Departed) is climbing the Pop radio charts and has peaked at #24… still gaining!

Perez Hiltondebuts Brandy’s new video! Not bad.. Perez has MANY readers! There is a lot of negativity on the board but Stars have gone in and set the record straight! The video is breath-taking y’all! I can’t wait to see it in HQ and on my big screen!

New on the calendar… Brandy will be on 106 on Thursday to debut her video and will be performing in Nashville on Friday at the 107.5 Acoustic Christmas along with Lady Gaga and others! Check the appearances section for more details and the poster!

Okay EPIC… do my girl good! Y’all must have read my letter! I just seen the commercial on BET for Brandy’s album! I am in LOVE! That’s right! YES! Now, make sure that commercial is on MTV! This needs to be big! When I log onto your website.. you better not have the Frayon there! This is Brandy’s month! Take care of them in February when their album comes out!

Oh, and if you are one of those folksout their illegally posting Brandy’s album… You are next on my list! I have been calling and e-mailing Epic every single link and YOU KNOW I GOT THE NUMBER! I will hunt you down!


Oh, check out the radio spins for the 30th…

11/30 – Right Here (Departed)

Hot AC: 28 spins (-1)
Pop: 2798 spins (+7)
Urban: 214 spins (-1)
Rhythmic: 241 spins (-2)
Urban AC: 265 spins (-7)
BET: 0 spins (=)
Spins: 3546 spins (-4)
Total spins: 49697 spins (+637)
Audience: 20.706 million (-0.070)
Total audience to date: 381.711 million (+4.512)  (not too shabby)

11/30 – Long Distance

Pop: 1 spin (=)
Rhythmic: 73 spins (+2)
Urban: 586 spins (+10)
Urban AC: 165 spins (+21)

Spins: 825 spins (+33)
Total spins: 2143 spins (+123)
Audience: 4.228 million (+0.114)
Total audience to date: 13.685 million (+0.680)


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