Brandy Update #21

Heavy Promotion has begun!

Brandy’s promo dates are finally trickling in! So far we have 3 possible dates with 106 & Park. December 1 seems to be the video premiere. December 5th is either a live performace or the day they tape for December 8th or 9th. I am sure Brandy will do other promos while she is at BET so thats great! She will be on The View on December 9th and Tyra on December 8th. Don’t forget that she is doing the Today show on December 5th. Busy weekend for Brandy! I hope she is getting good rest! Thats not even all!!!!

Long Distance is picking up on Urban Radio, which is a good thing. The song jumped from 80-63 in one week which is a good sign for R&B/Hip Hop charts! We REALLY need Long Distance to do well! This video better bang! Check out the numbers for November 28th;
Pop: 1 spin (=)
Rhythmic: 71 spins (-2)
Urban: 571 spins (+3)
Urban AC: 121 spins (+26)
Spins: 764 spins (+27)
Total spins: 1904 spins (+110)
Audience: 3.931 million (+0.189)
Total audience to date: 12.324 million (+0.638)

And then there is old faithful, Right Here (Departed). Pop spins are still holding steadily and have not yet seen a decrease. Brandy is seeing her best Pop record in six years! That has got to feel nice although it would feel better if Rythmic and Urban got behind her. Check out yesterday’s spins! (11/28)

Hot AC: 30 spins (=)
Pop: 2754 spins (+53)
Urban: 212 spins (-20)
Rhythmic: 244 spins (-5)
Urban AC: 332 spins (-7)
BET: 0 spins (=)
Spins: 3572 spins (+21)
Total spins: 48419 spins (+526)
Audience: 21.136 million (+0.183)
Total audience to date: 372.850 million (+3.495)


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