Brandy Update #20

Is Brandy one of Christina Millian’s favorite singers? Find out what songs she chose as her Favorite Brandy Song! Here is a hint… in the video she was preggers with Sy’rai CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!

Brandy performed in Detroit over thanksgiving and some AMAZING Pictures surfaced! I created a photos page so some of them are in there but here are a few as well…

Brandy’s album has leaked all over the place. I am not sure if its a good or bad thing. Only December 18th will tell (thats the day we get the official number). I wonder how these things leak. I also wonder how people can claim to be diehard fans but still leave an album! Yuck to me!


Click to see larger views!

As mentioed earlier in the week, Brandy will make an appearance on the Tyra Banks Show on Monday, December 8, 2008. Other guest on the show will include MISS Patti LaBelle, who is promoting the new Labelle Album out in stores not! I a over it now! What can I do anyay!??!??

Now for some BIG News… I know when the Long Distance video Premieres and where? Monday! December 1, 2008… 106 & Park! I have my TiVo ALL set up! This record will be HUGE! I feel it! I didn’t feel it with RHD… I just hoped it would. Long Distance is a different story! I predict the video will be in the top 5 on BET by Friday.. Your thoughts?


I have more stuff but I am tired of typing.. I will post more this evening…


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