I am Officially PISSED with Epic Records!!!

Just like any other day, I go to the damn epic Records website but today BLOWS MY MIND! I want you to go to Epic Records website at http://www.epicrecords.com/ Why in the heck is there HUGE promotion for The Fray’s album that comes out in FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first screen you see is an entire page dedicated to the Fray, playing their current single!1qwefwefvofvoI! WHY ARE YOU ADVERTISING AN ALBUM THAT COMES OUT IN FEBRUARY WHEN YOU HAVE RELEASES THAT COME OUT IN 2 WEEKS?  I don’t know whether I need to yell at Epic or Sonja! Sonja… get off of Extra and go into that dayum Epic Records office and do what you taught Matthew Knowles to do! I am tired of the disrespect! The album is leaking all over the place! One blogger has it zshared on her site! I have already had words for her! HOW RUDE! Don’t even get me started on Koch. They don’t even mention brandy on their site! I’m done.. if you are a true star.. you will take the next step!

Epic Records
550 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022-3211



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