Brandy Update #19

Its coming sooner than we know! Can you feel it? I am so excited y’all! I am  not sure why I get emmotional over some one I don’t know! I’m lying.. I do know! It was all of those long nights in my dorm room in 1999 listening to Never Say Never on repeat. It was like Brandy and her songwriters were in my business or something! Anyway.. enough about me!

Make sure you catch Extra tomorrow! Brandy will be on talking about the album and the accident! Check your local listing for the times! I will tivo it and tell you all about it in case anyone misses it. They put you through SOO much before you actually get to see what you wanted to see! I will be using that FF button!

Brandy is in Detroit this week for the Hob Nobble Gobble..Blabble Sabble or whatever its called! Shes been getting great press out there. There was a  great article in the Detroit Free Press I wanted to make sure you read! There were some great quotes! I picked out a few but you can go and read the story by clicking on the link below!

On defining success for the new album:

“I’m satisfied with the music I’ve put together. When you’re coming from the heart, it’s always honest, it’s always true, and I just want people to embrace it and feel that — to feel the same way I do when I hear it. That would be a success for me. Of course you want to be at Grammys and at the top of the charts. But the bigger hope for me is that whoever buys it is touched by it, the way I was when I was making it.”

Rad the entire article HERE!

A word about Epic and their promotion of the record… I am not going to jump on the “I hate Epic” Bandwagon. I think their are two problems that we are having (stars). The first is that we don’t have sufficient evidence that Epic is doing ANYTHING until we happen to see her on TV. No website or myspace updates have come about for over a week now. Does that mean they are sitting down and ignoring Brandy and the album? NO! I believe they are working hard to push this project. The second problem we have is that we compare Brandy’s promotion to other artists. In fairness and honesty, Brandy has been off the scene, she is dark skin, and she isn’t singing dumb songs. Those three things mean that she has to pursue the media. If she were bright, signing dumb songs, and hadn’t took a 4 year break I think things would be different! Don’t shoot me.. this may not be YOUR truth but its mine! Dark skin folks get swindled in the media all of the time. I would see Fantasia in concert before I would see Beyonce in a SECOND!

Anyays! OPRAH has been a been conversation… Is she or isn’t she going to be on the show? Where did this rumor come from?


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