Brandy Album Leaked…

Dear Readers,

I am writing you to encourage you to not support any site that post zshare links of Brandy’s album. I think its a huge disrespect to the artists who work so hard to make these records and I hate when people forget that! I have waited so long for new Brandy material. As bad as I want to download a free copy of her album, I understand the music industry and what it means to have an album leak. what are the chances that someone who downloads a leaked copy will go to the store and buy the copy. Out of respect for the artist, I think we should wait until December 9, 2008 to listen and support the album. I know some people will say, “She has more money that me.” That’s true… (wealthy people don’t steal music) but what if she made it impossible for you to earn the coins you earn at your job? Well.. I will get off my soapbox! I thought I would post something just in case somebody needed a voice of reason! if not, oh well!!! I Love Brandy!



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