Brandy Update #18

Brandy is Back and I am loving it! I was somewhat disappointed about not seeing her at the AMAs but I will assume that its because she was off doing other things! I would hate for it to be that Epic did not try and make that happen but anyway, I’m over it!

On a good front! Right Here (departed) id KILLING Top 40 radio, averaging an 100 spin increase over the last week! Sunday it was played 2503 times, 20.847 Million listeners! That’s great!. Z100, which is one of America’s best Top 40 stations ranks her at #13. She will be performing at  Madison Quare Garden at their annual Jingle Ball on 12.12.

In the meantime, Long Distance will meet Urban Radio today and tomorrow! I am hoping for 35-45 adds. Its going to be really important to propel this single in the next 2 weeks! Once we get it on stations, we need to start requesting it like crazy! As for the video, rumor has it its going to premiere on 106& Park on December 1, 2008. It is not confirmed whether Brandy will actually be in the studio that day! I’ll keep you updated.


Get into is a site that documents anytime a particular record is played on a radio station. Fans can go into that radio stations chat room and press “yes” in order for the station to see that listeners enjoy the song. Click on the following link to access Brandy’s chatroom; This really works! If anyone has done it before, speak up! Its especially important since Long Distance is starting to hit the radio heavy!


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