Brandy Exclusive Tracks & Buying the Album!

Hey Stars! So, Epic has worked out deals with Bestbuy, Itunes, and Wal-Mart to provide Exclusive Tracks. Very strategic move on their part! Wal-Mart will have 2 exclusive tracks (Source) that have not yet been identified. BestBuy will also have an exclusive track. It appears that Bestbuy’s track will be “After the Flood” (Source) but it could be that Bestbuy has not updated their track-listing. Itunes will feature an exclusive release with 5 extras on it, including a remix or two! You can get the deluxe copy from Itunes on Pre-order for $11.99. AMAZON is selling the digital album for $8.99 so if you are on a budget and just want it for your ipod, that’s the best place. I am pretty certain Target will have it for $7.98 or $9.98 but I have not heard back from my source.

Here is a cute review from “Muze” that I found on Bestbuy!

Human [12/9]: Release Notes: Muze 
“Though she initially gained fame as an actress, this multi-talented Mississippian launched a lucrative second career as a pop-savvy R&B songstress that brought her fame and success at a pace that easily outstripped her success on screen. Her early records, NEVER SAY NEVER and FULL MOON, cast her as a middle-of-the-road teen icon, but her 2008 release, HUMAN, trades in the more aggressive hip-hop-inflected R&B sounds of her 2004 outing, AFRODISIAC, which featured contributions from such luminaries as Kanye West and Timbaland. Though HUMAN sports a higher percentage of slow-burning retro-soul ballads than its immediate predecessor, former collaborator Timbaland and longtime producer Rodney Jerkins give HUMAN a carefully considered modern R&B sound that should please Brandy’s fan base and relative newcomers alike.”

As I have stated before, Brandy has some great competition with Musiq and Common. Both of those artist average close to 150K in their first week and almost always debut at #1 on the R&B charts. Its important for you to make sure that you purchase your album from a seller who reports to sounscan. If you are buying more than one copy, consider buyinga copy from an “urban” music store.

Also note that some smaller stores get the album in on the 8th. Don’t buy it until the 9th. If you are cynical like me, I wouldn’t buy 3 copies at a time. I would purchase the copies separately.. especially when dealing with large retailers.


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