Brandy Update #17 (Pictures)

Brandy is Myspace’s Exclusive Artist! Go to Myspace and check that out!

Check out more exclusive photos from Brandy’s Long Distance video shoot! CLICK HERE!

How is Right Here (Departed doing on the radio??? The song has gone pop so I a not going to be reviewing the other genres unless their is an increase in play! The Song has seen over 45,000 spins with a total audience of 349.442 MILLION listeners. She is doing her thing on Pop charts! Yesterderday she 2,387 spins, which was a 103 spin increase over 11/21. If she was stable in other formats like Urban and rythmic, she would be killing the charts! She is growing on pop charts! Today is the last day for weekly numbers. Hopefully sheholds steady on the Hot 100.

Brandy was out about this weekend! got these photos of her…

Brandy hung out at the Night Club, L.Q. in NYC on Friday night with Queen Pen and Lisa Ray! Other party guests included Rapper Lloyd Banks, Mike Mogul (his BDay), and whoever else was there!


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