Would You Beleive??? Part 2

So, yesterday I told you all about my little incident with a Brandysource administrator. I really need to tell you about part 2. First off, Brandysource is a great place for Stars to hang out and there are great people on there, including this rude administrator but this just did for me… So even though I am banned, I am still able to go on there. So I get a text from a good friend who doesn’t frequent there often ad he tells me that they have posted my government name on there and there was an entire thread dedicated to some notes I sent this administrator on Myspace. WOULD YOU BELIEVE that this guy had copied and pasted ONE of the conversations we had and people were posting things like, “he was annoying,” “He looked 40…” People are crazy!!! I was flattered and tickled by the publicity but found it to be kind of rude considerring I haven’t done anything to anyone that was on there to be called a STALKER. Now why would I stalk someone over a Brandy board? I will say that there was one guy who was nice enough to mention that I was a good guy and a huge Brandy fan. I have no hard feelings against the site but I just wonder how people can sleep at night! Maybe I am the weird one but when I do something that is mean, I usually can’t sleep until I clear it up.. that goes for in real life and on the computer! Anyways.. back to Brandy! I just had to get that out! LOL!

One Response to “Would You Beleive??? Part 2”
  1. trueexclusives says:

    I WOULD believe it. The administrators over there are INSANELY crazy. It’s as if on that board, in that world, there’s no FREEDOM of speech…S.M.H.

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