Brandy’s Ripped Jeans Debacle!!!

So everybody and their Grandma has been asking me about Brandy’s darn Jeans. I am just going to tell all of you how I feel about them at once. For one, they ARE designer jeans. Don’t try and play Bran Bran! The are True Religeon Jeans… Here is what they look like before someone Edwards Scissored B’s.


See, okay.. not that bad. Want to buy them? Click here! Tell them B sent you! $172.

But anyways, its her style. I have seen much greater foolishness than this! SO HAVE YOU! Don’t have me post photos of greater foolishness than this! If nothing else, I want to praise B because this is surely the way you get that publicity for the new album cracking! What do you think about the jeans?

One Response to “Brandy’s Ripped Jeans Debacle!!!”
  1. i always thaought it was stupid that people bought jeans that were already ripped,torn and had holes in them…. now i am not so sure…
    the jeans guru,
    my Designer Jeans
    ( at good prices too. )

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