Bandy Update #15

The day is getting closer! Yesterday on one of the boards, fans were speaking bout taking a break from Brandy music for a while until the album comes out. I think  might try that! LOL… Not sure how well that would work since I play Full Moon like its the only album out. Anyways, I will keep you updated. I am SOOOO excited y’all. Words cannot express!

I am a bit dissappointed with radio. Right Here (Departed) is doing well on Pop charts but not so well on all others. We need to continue to request the song on local radion stations including top 40, Rythmic, and Urban. If you need me to get your local stations information, let me know!

As for updates: Tomorrow’s copy of “US Weekly” will have our girl in it. She will be talking about the accident and her love life, including her “ex-husband.” Whenever you support a magazine she is in, it is more likely that she will reappear so go and get it! I am bad because I still have not had time to go and buy the Vibe Magazine. I might still be mad she is not on the cover! I have got to get over that! Speaking of magazines, I keep seeing pics but have yet t actually see the new Jet magazine cover in the store. Anyone seen it? What Magazine cover do you want to se Brandy on?

I do have SOME album details for you… I have a contact at Atlantic (so this could be false) who told me that he thought the album was very pop, had no club hits, was well produce and that it was better than Afro but worse than Full Moon. He went into greater detail but that about sums it up! Some Stars from France also heard the album and said similar things. I heard the France version of 1st & Love and Fall are a lot different. I just hope that the Youtube version of Fall is on the album because that is my JOINT!


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